Chia Seeds Benefits and Side Effects

Chia Seeds

Chia is actually a food which was cultivated by the Aztecs in ancient times. They discovered the powerful health uses that the seeds have and gave it to messengers who had to travel very far distances. They were able to enjoy the chia seeds benefits without having to carry heavy food items over long distances. They were used as an energy snack and also put in water to help hydrate the body.

chia seeds side effects and benefits Nowadays chia seeds health benefits are being marketed everywhere, bulk chia seeds bags are becoming common because they can be stored for a long time. The great thing about them is that they taste mild and can be incorporated in a massive variety of dishes.

Chia Seeds Benefits

Chia Seeds

The benefits of these seeds have only recently come to be recognized by the world. They are certainly considered to be a super food thanks to massive amounts of nutrition in such a small item. They are famous for helping with digestive issues and a range of health conditions. They are also said to help with your complexion.

These seeds contain 44% carbohydrates, 16% protein and 31% fat. This makes them great for energy. They also contain over 27 vitamins and minerals which make them beneficial to most people. They have good amounts of fiber which is perhaps why they are said to be so helpful with digestion. They contain much more calcium than milk which is great for those with weak teeth and bones.

When compared to other health foods chia seeds benefits score very high. As well as having 6 times more calcium than milk they also have double the antioxidants that blueberries contain. This is a big number considering that blueberries are themselves considered to be a super food. The benefits of chia seeds are great for those that need more magnesium. They contain large amounts of this healthy mineral, even more than magnesium rich foods like broccoli. They also contain large amounts of iron, around 5 times more than the iron found in spinach!

Chia Seeds Side Effects

One of the biggest concerns for people is whether they will put on weight. Chia seeds side effects are rare but in large amounts the high fat content can cause weight gain. It is best to eat them in small amounts or before exercise so that the fat can be burnt off. Just like other nuts and seeds they are low in saturated fat. They also contain absolutely no cholesterol. They do contain plenty of calories though, so it is best to eat in moderation or early in the day if you are watching your weight. A chia seeds weight loss diet is certainly a good idea if carried out correctly.

Organic chia seeds are more likely to be healthier because they will not contain any pesticides. They are gluten free and also contain no preservatives. Anybody who is unsure about consuming this super food should consult their doctor. So far there seems to be no evidence of side effects even for those with illnesses or pregnant women.

The best effects are thought to be received when taken in their whole form. Doctors and nutritionists believe that consuming them as an oil or supplement may lead to the loss of some nutrients. They can be ground down at home which will give other options for use. They can be spread over yogurt or other dairy products, or even included in baked items as a binder.

It is thought they they may reduce blood pressure. Anyone taking blood thinning medication should consult their doctor before eating them. If you experience any side effects of chia seeds when consumed it is best to stop eating them.

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