Reducing Stress

Reducing stress is NOT that easy, but the negative effects stress has on our bodies is SERIOUS, and we need to address it. So how do we propose we solve this really really awful problem? So much of our stress is self-induced and can be controlled. How great is this?! What our Paleolithic ancestors would have given to decide whether they would be chased by their dinner in the future the way we can decide if we are going to be crushed by our new car payment!!

These are big steps, and ones that many people

1)   Get enough of the right kind of Sleep. Not enough or poor sleep increases cortisol levels and puts stress on your body, which makes sleeping harder, makes it more difficult to cope with life’s stressors, and now you’re in it deep. Read the Sleep page to learn five solid ways to improve the quality of your sleep and give your body the rest it needs.

2)   Don’t go nuts on exercise. Waking up early to exercise stresses your body because you didn’t get enough sleep. Being obsessive about working out puts a huge amount of stress on your body and, well, same as above. Learn how to exercise in a way that will get you ripped but not increase your cortisol levels and make your insulin resistant, fat, moody, and stupid on the Exercise page.

3)   Cut back on drinking, or at least drink smarter. Alcohol stops the release of growth hormones. This is harmful for your health, body composition, and can make recovery from activity more difficult. All of these BAD things add more stress to your body (yes, it’s all related).

4)   Eat Paleo! The foods are Paleolithic ancestors did not have access to, and therefore the foods you are not allowed to eat on the Paleo Diet damage your gut, which puts stress on your body and starts that cycle again. One more time: grains, legumes, and dairy all release cortisol!!!

5)   Get rid of shit you don’t need. The more shit you have, the deeper you are IN IT.  Be economical in your purchases, let go of the need to impress yourself and other people with material things. Take the time to seriously evaluate what is important to you, and reassess your life based on that discovery.


Letting go of material things is one of the hardest steps for people to take. But remember our goal: to realign ourselves with the primal lifestyle that kept our ancestors so healthy. This is a big one, and we understand it. We also realize that we sound like hippies, and are working on that part.


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