Paleo Meal Plan and Shopping List

We have provided a 7-day Paleo Diet meal plan that requires little knowledge of cooking. Each recipe is portioned for one person, assuming you couldn’t wrangle anybody else you know into doing this with you. This meal plan is arranged into three meals each day: brunch, a snack, and dinner. Most people find that after they have eaten Paleo for a few days, they are less hungry than usual and hence two meals is enough. However, feel free to turn the snack into a full meal if you still wish to eat three large meals a day. Dessert is not included, however whenever you want something sweet, pigging out on fresh fruit or dates will do the trick. There are many theories on the best ways to eat (how many meals, what time of day, what temperature foods to eat at bedtime…), so the Meal Plan somewhat skeletal so you can manipulate it to your preferences. Oftentimes grocery shopping for “new food” can be the most frustrating part of a diet change. Because of this, we have also provided a matching shopping list to make your trip to the grocery story quick and easy.


These resources are absolutely FREE. Why? Because we like you :)

Simple 7 Day Paleo Meal Plan

But seriously- eating paleo has changed our lives, and our purpose is to help others regain health and happiness (and a waist line). We hope these resources will give you the little push we sometimes need to make a GREAT change.




  1. Eric

    Why are there only two meals per day? I thought it was healthier to eat more small meals throughout the day.


    • Victoria Marie

      I have found that 2 meals and a snack is all I am hungry for now that I eat paleo. Many other people find the same thing. However, for many days the “snack” is flexible, and can be a whole meal if you made enough for leftovers the night before. I hope to add an expanded meal plan with 3 meals and a snack in the near future.

      About eating more small meals throughout the day: the reason this is considered healthier is because it keeps your metabolism going and therefore helps prevent weight gain. The same can be said for eating a full meal right when you wake up- this jump starts your metabolism for the day so you start burning calories earlier. Strict paleo eaters get lean meats with breakfast (like having a piece of cold salmon) because protein accelerates your metabolism even more, and fills your satiety receptors faster (so you’re full faster and less hungry throughout the day). Things like how many times a day you should eat are not a big concern with the Paleo Diet because the problems that these tips and tricks address usually fall away. The decision is up to the dieter, the goal being to eat when you’re hungry until you’re not, rinse, and repeat :)

      Good question, I will add this information to the page!


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