Were you able to do as I recommended in my last blog post and take 5 minutes for yourself one day?   It felt GREAT, didn’t it!?!   Who knew 5 minutes could make such a difference!

Why does 5 minutes help so much? In that 5 minutes you are creating a sacred space for YOU.  You are making a conscious choice to nurture yourself.  You are shutting out the noise of the world to hear your true voice.

What you hear, when you quietly listen, has many names:

  • Your inner voice
  • That still, small voice
  • Superconscious Mind
  • The Tao
  • Christ  Consciousness
  • Superego
  • Awareness
  • Angel messages
  • Infinite intelligence
  • Gut instinct
  • Divine Mind
  • Source
  • The heart of Buddha
  • The Universe
  • Truth
  • Your Higher Self


All of these names have meaning and value. They are man’s attempt to name the unnamable. To me, they all represent something greater than our human minds – something beyond the perception of our five human senses.  The vastness of what is available to us is powerful, indefinable and immeasurable and is ours to access whenever we want it or need it.

You tap into this vastness of peace and power through silence. You can try your hardest to listen, but you must quiet your human mind to actually hear it! In Matthew, it says to go into the closet and shut the door. You have to shut out the busyness and noise of everyday life to really hear.

How do you get to that silent place?  You start by making a conscious choice to silence your mind, the human brain part.  You breathe. You Take 5.  You commit 5 minutes to shutting down your monkey mind and sitting in silence.

Do it.  Sit in silence today.  Do it for YOU.