Stress is no small issue, and something everyone needs to look at seriously and objectively in their own life. Most modern stressors can fit into these 6 categories:

  • Sleep (not getting enough)
  • Work (specific, repetitious, too much, commute)
  • Family (new baby, stressed marriage)
  • Social Relationships (gossip, sex, no friends)
  • Physical Activity (too much)
  • Material Burdens


These are huge issues that simply did not exist in the Paleolithic era. If you have read the Diet page, you understand that the Neolithic Agricultural Revolution happened a mere 10,000 years ago, and that our bodies have not adapted much since then to the modern world we live in. This goes for stress just as much as it does for food.

Back when we were cavemen and women, stress was very present, but in the form of short and intense incidents, like being attacked at night by a neighboring tribe, or chased by a terrifying creature that looks like your mother-in-law. The stress we experienced as cavemen and women was intense, and resulted in some serious physical activity, but was short-lived.

Today, our stressors are steady, long-lasting incidents that eat away at us physically and mentally. Examples of these stressors are your enormous mortgage or monthly rent, the payment on the new sports car you don’t need, if you’re going to lose your job, why your boo doesn’t want to sleep with you, and how you are going to pay for the little tike’s college tuition. Read the Stress and Your Health page to learn about the negative effects stress has on our bodies, and how it contributes to insulin resistance, body fat, brain function, and your mood. You can also skip straight to the Reducing Stress page to learn how we can attempt to reverse these negative effects.


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