Happy Cyber Monday, everyone!

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I must be really out of the loop, because despite being a bargain hunter, I had not heard of this “shopping holiday” until this year. Apparently a recent invention, Cyber Monday is becoming one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. Unlike Black Friday, you don’t have to deal with the disasters that usually accompany shopping this time of year because you can do everything from the comfort of your own home!

So what’s the bad part? This “shopping day” is provides one more easy way to rack up holiday debt. If you saved all of your holiday shopping until Black Friday or Cyber Monday or Whatever-Sale-It-Is Thursday, then you will most likely save money this holiday season, and good for you. However, saving money is poor consolation for going over budget.

If you still have people to buy gifts for, go ahead and check out the deals going on online today! But don’t get carried away- if you were planning on spending $20 on your 10-year-old nephew, don’t decide to spend $100 on a Nintendo DS because it’s on sale and you know he will love it. Here’s what I always have to remind myself: the person you are giving that gift to will never know which present they ALMOST got.

Why are we talking about holiday shopping and sales on a health and fitness blog? Because the more wrapped up we get in buying holiday gifts the further over budget we can slide; the further over budget we slide the tighter on money we are in the months to come; the tighter on money we are the more stress we have; the more stress we have the more damage we are causing to our health. The money decisions you are making now are determining your level of stress at the beginning of the new year, and hence determining your health!

On our Stress page, we talk about six main causes of stress and how today’s stressors are very different from the stressors our bodies genetically know how to handle. This holiday shopping topic would fall under the “Material Burdens” category. There is also information on how stress effects your health and how to reduce stress, but what is most important for you to understand TODAY, during the cyber sale of all cyber sales, is that by making smarter purchasing decisions TODAY, you can set yourself up for a new year with less stress, more happiness, and more health.

Our next blog will go more in-depth on holiday debt and ways to avoid it- look for it soon!