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The Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf

There are basically two books you can choose from if you are interested in learning about the Paleo Diet from “the experts.” These are: The Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf, and The Paleo Diet, by Loren Cordain (pictured below). I recommend reading at least one of these two books in their entirety not just because it’ll make you feel wicked smart, but  because this will answer 90% of your questions about The Paleo Diet (and make you able to answer those questions when other people ask them, too). I started with Robb Wolf’s book, and decided there was still much more to learn so bought Loren Cordain’s books as well.

The Paleo Solution is written in a humorous way, to make the harsh news (that everything we have ever been taught about nutrition in America is not only wrong but killing us) go down smoother. It seems that Robb Wolf’s goal here is to provide the information necessary to fully understanding the gravity of our current nutritional situation so we can be armed with backed medical knowledge and go about living a healthy life eating the way we were designed to eat. The way he puts it, if you’ve started reading The Paleo Solution, it means you’ve already bought the book… he has no reason to trick you, so he might as well do his best to help you by giving you the knowledge you need to take back control of your health.



CLICK HERE to buy in Paperback, currently on sale at $15.92 (from $24.95)!

CLICK HERE to buy  NOOKbook (eBook)  $9.98




The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain

This book addresses most of the same topics that Robb Wolf’s book does, but in a more cut and dry, scientific way. Loren Cordain is Robb Wolf’s mentor, and that certainly says something about his knowledge. Plus, this more direct style of writing may suit some readers better than Robb Wolf’s humorous approach.



CLICK HERE to buy in Paperback, on sale for $9.32 (from $14.95)!

CLICK HERE to buy  NOOKbook (eBook), on sale for $7.99 (from $14.95)!







The Paleo Diet Cookbook, by Loren Cordain

This cookbook not only has 150 yummy paleo recipes within, but has a fantastic 25 page summary of The Paleo Diet as well as can and cannot eat food lists in the beginning. If you are convinced that the Paleo Diet is for you, and you aren’t concerned with the science behind it all, this would be a good book to buy, as it gives a good summary of the eating plan and many specific ways to implement it.



CLICK HERE to buy in Paperback, on sale for $11.46 (from $19.95)!

CLICK HERE to buy  NOOKbook (eBook), on sale for $9.99 (from $19.95)!





Reading The Paleo Solution on my NOOK

Barnes & Noble NOOK Reading Devices

I got a NOOK for my birthday two years ago and it has been one of the most useful items I have ever had! I read everything on it, because 1) NOOKbooks (ebooks) are way cheaper than the paperback or hardback copy, and 2) you can take the little thing with you and have your entire library with you! Plus, the charge lasts forever (mine around 2 weeks, the new one around a month), and you can upload your own files, music, pictures, backgrounds, screen savers, etc….

If you don’t own a NOOK, you should. You’ll notice I have provided links to buying both the paperback version AND the NOOKbook version of each recommended book above. The NOOKbooks are all cheaper (plus you can search them, get definitions for words you don’t know through the built-in Merrium-Webster Dictionary, and skip to chapters and pages just like in a paperback).


CLICK HERE to buy the Barnes & Noble NOOK ($139) or NOOK Color ($249)



Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book


  • Great guide for beginners
  • Perfect for anyone wanting to start the 30-Day Paleo Challenge
  • Easy to understand introduction to the Paleo Diet
  • Yes/No Food lists
  • NOT AS MANY RECIPES as the Paleo Recipe Book below, but
  • instant access due to eBook format (can be viewed on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone… and more!)

Click Here to by the Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book for $34



Paleo Recipe Book


  • 370 paleo recipes WITH PICTURES!!!
  • instant access due to eBook format (can be viewed on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone… and more!)
  • organized into 18 categories for easy decisions!
  • bonus 8 week meal plan
  • bonus herb and spice guide to ensure you food has FLAVOR!

CLICK HERE to buy the new PALEO RECIPE BOOK for $34 (total value of all products included is $81)




OrGREENic Non-Stick Cookware


My mom has this fantastic GreenPan wok that she bought when the line came out… I use it every time I am home, to do anything from brown some grass-fed ground bison to making sautéed squash, zucchini, and onions (a family tradition, and my favorite Paleo comfort food). The OrGREENic non-stick frying pan is sort of a knock off of the official GreenPan, which I guess is bad… but it works the same way and is cheaper, so I’m a fan.


CLICK HERE to go to the OrGREENiC website and buy the pan for $19.99


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