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The Paleo Diet is the original human diet. It’s the way we ate for 95% of our existence, and the only way our body knows how to eat. If you read the Diet main page, you already understand why eating this way is so important.

The Paleo diet is not so much a “diet” as it is a lifestyle choice about the way you eat. Taking a step backwards in time with your diet will propel you forward in overall health in ways you will find difficult to believe. We promote this diet because it has changed our lives, and we want to help others do the same.

All the fresh veggies you want!

All the fresh fruits you can eat!

What is included in The Paleo Diet

  • lean meats
  • fruits 
  • vegetables
  • seeds & nuts



You should be eating more lean meats than before – don’t worry, this is good and promotes weight loss. Protein both reduces appetite by sending a strong satiety signal and increases metabolism!


Put down the taco, Paco. No mas tortillas for you.

What is NOT included, for YOUR sake:
  • grains
  • dairy
  • legumes
  • refined sugars


CLICK HERE for a full Paleo Diet food list, covering what you can and cannot eat on this diet, and giving EXAMPLES of foods categories listed.



The LongER Version (for the LONG version, read The Paleo Diet or The Paleo Solution):

As explained on the Diet main page, these no-no foods are developments of the last 10,000 years, and our bodies have not had time to adapt to eating them. When we do consume these new foods (new relative to humanity’s lifespan), some pretty large problems occur in our bodies… not to mention the following snowball effect. Eating these foods puts stress on our bodies through countless avenues. Just to scratch the surface, eating grains, legumes, dairy, and processed sugars punches holes in our intestinal lining, causes leaky gut, damages hormone receptors (which affects EVERY ORGAN IN YOUR BODY), causes insulin resistance, causes acne and other skin problems, tricks us into thinking we are hungry all the time, makes us gain those love handles you loathe, screws with our mood, our sleep, and our sex life… should we stop at sex life?

I know this information can be very overwhelming at first. So take a deep breath, close your eyes, and consider for a minute what you have just learned: specifically that most of the food we eat is not treating our bodies well. These foods are behind pretty much all modern health problems, and contribute to many top scoring causes of death including heart disease. What makes coming to grips with this news even more difficult is that the United States government supports grains with a vengeance. Believe it or not, this is another instance of politics not having our best interest in mind… *sarcastic cough*



Let’s look at this in a more optimistic way: If you choose to eat The Paleo Diet, you will be taking control of your health by removing the foods that are behind countless problems, diseases, and deaths. Through changing your diet, you have the power to turn on your satiety receptors (to feel FULL), repair damaged intestines and leaky gut, improve insulin sensitivity, lose the extra weight you can’t seem to shake off, rest better, and improve libido. Oh, we almost forgot to mention the Paleo Diet prevents cardiovascular disease, auto-immune disease, Alzheimer’s, many types of cancer, and pretty much any other modern ailment.

Here’s the best part about the Paleo Diet: there is no corporation behind it. When you choose to eat paleo, YOU are the person benefiting. There are no special mail order meals or membership fees to the local “Paleo Club.” There is a downside to this, of course, as there is no physical location dedicated to providing support for the Paleo Diet. However, there are many sites like this one dedicated to providing a community to support you through this diet change. Also, CrossFit is a great place to find support as they recommend all of their members to eat paleo.

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I’M IN. Let’s do this thang. 

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We have provided a Paleo Action Plan that takes you through four steps that will make your diet change go smoothly. Visit it now to get started with your very exciting diet change!

We have also designed a Simple 7 Day Paleo Meal Plan and matching Paleo Shopping List to make eating Paleo as easy as possible. Visit the Pale0 Meal Plan page to download these items.

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