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New Year Goals


Happy New Year everyone! Welcome back to work, school, life… and most likely your diet, too.

We have some exciting news: more people have downloaded our Free Paleo Meal Plan in the first few days of this year than ever before! What this tells us is that a lot of people are including dietary changes in their New Year Resolutions. How great!

It’s a new year and the perfect time decide for yourself what you want to include in your health goals for 2012. You have 360 more days in the year to make your goals become reality, and we are here to help you do so.

Some of our own New Year Resolutions are to post valuable content more frequently, improve our meal plan, and provide personalized support when needed. Because of these goals, don’t be surprised if there are updates and improvements to the site, as well as what we offer you!

Let’s start off the year right by asking you right now, WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR HEALTH GOALS?

Let us know by commenting on this blog post, or sending us an email using the Contact form on the left of your screen.

Best of luck to all of your Primal Healthy Fitters, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Response to Negative Feedback

We got some very valuable indirect feedback today from a viewer who follows the Primal Diet (similar original concept as the Paleo Diet, while having a few varying points). Although this feedback was quite inflammatory, it has made us realize that our recommendations may not be as clear as we first thought, as we are reviewing the site content now to ensure clarity.

Toned-down summary of visitor’s negative feedback: Animal fats should not be excluded from the Food List because fats are key to the Primal Diet. The goal of the Primal Diet is to burn fat for energy instead of carbs, and you must eat fat to burn fat. Also, eating fat is what makes you feel full. Finally, excluding dairy is more Paleo than Primal, and unnecessary unless you are intolerant to dairy.

The viewer also mentioned that she eats the Primal Diet and it works incredibly well for her. We are happy to hear that she has found a diet that works for her and is living a happy and healthy lifestyle!


First we want to thank this viewer for providing feedback for the website, although indirectly. Without hearing from our viewers, good or bad, we can not improve the site or ensure its purpose is clear. Your feedback is helping us do both of those things.


We are assuming that because the viewer is already successfully eating the Primal Diet and extremely happy with her results, that she skimmed the site and assumed we promoted the Primal Diet purely because of our website’s name. After all, our content is targeted to people who are looking to learn about healthy ways to eat, exercise, and live, and less toward people who already feel they understand these things fully and are successfully executing them. We are reviewing the site currently to ensure our recommendation specifically for the Paleo Diet is more clear.

The viewer made a number of claims about the Primal Diet. We recommend eating the Paleo Diet on this site for one reason: we have found incredible success with it and want to help others find health the way we know how. As our experience is with the Paleo Diet, and that is what we recommend on our site, we are unable to comment on the goals of the Primal Diet or its teachings. What we can comment on is the validity of the statements with regards to the Paleo Diet.

Although we make a note to cut the excess fat off of meat in our Paleo Diet Food List, this does not mean we are excluding animal fats from the “yes” foods.  Cutting off excess fat does not totally remove the fat content of meat. Below you will see the fat content of common meats, trimmed of excess fat, taken from the Fat and Protein Content Table in The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain.

Pork tenderloin: 28% fat, 72% protein

Sirloin beef steak: 35% fat, 65% protein

Skinless chicken breast: 37% fat, 63% protein

Lean beef flank steak: 38% fat, 62% protein

Broiled salmon: 38% fat, 62% protein

Lean pork chops: 38% fat, 62% protein


Hopefully this will clarify the concern that we are excluding animal fat (or fat period) from the diet. Consuming lean meats still provides you with a large content of fat in your diet, and hence fuel for your body. In addition to animal fats, you can consume things like olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, and walnuts to get “good fat” in your system.


Fats are indeed more satiating than carbohydrates, but protein is even more so. Eating protein (which for the Paleo Diet, means lean meats) satisfies your hunger faster than eating either fats or carbs, which is why the Paleo Diet recommends you get a majority of your calories from lean meats.

“Current Opinion of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care”; The Significance of Protein in Food Intake and Body Weight Regulation; MS Westerterp-Plantenga; 2003


Our viewer is correct: excluding dairy is Paleo. We do recommend the Paleo Diet, and the reason that the Paleo Diet excludes dairy is because it was not a common part of our diet until 9,000 years ago when dairy cows came about. If we have not had time to adapt to the influx of grains that resulted from the Agricultural Revolution a mere 10,000 years ago, it can be assumed that 9,000 years is not enough time to have adapted to drinking milk other than that from our mothers and during infancy. Here is a some great information about dairy’s place in the Paleo Diet from

This was not asked, but just to be as clear as possible: The reason we are instead of is because the Paleo Diet is only one aspect of our philosophy (and the Paleo Diet is based on a primal philosophy). Best results come from making diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices that align with those of our Paleolithic ancestors (see the Exercise and Lifestyle sections of our website).


Again, thank you to our viewers who continue to give us feedback, both good and bad. By responding to these comments publicly, we hope to clarify related misunderstandings and avoid similar confusion in the future.

Welcome to Primal Healthy Fit!


Welcome to Primal Healthy Fit! We are a website made up of regular people of all ages, nationalities, professions, fitness levels, and life experiences who have come together to provide information and support for others interested in improving their health. We recommend specific diet, lifestyle, and exercise choices that are in line with those of our Paleolithic ancestors. The reason? Our genetics have changed very little in the last 200,000 years, however the same cannot be said for the world around us. Therefore, we must eat, be active, and live in ways that jive with our genetics! This produces incredible health, fitness, and HAPPINESS!

The core of’s mission is to provide information about the Paleo Diet and support to make the dietary switch to eating paleo. Along with this central diet aspect, we recommend activity and lifestyle choices that mimic those of our primal ancestors whenever possible. The combination of paleolithic diet, activity, and lifestyle choices work together to bring people to their genetically healthy and fit selves.

On the Diet page you will find information about the Paleo Diet, the #1 recommended eating choice here at Included in this information is not only how to “eat paleo” but also why this diet is the only one that our bodies are genetically designed to eat! Visit the Paleo Testimonials page to read about the experiences members of the Primal Healthy Fit community have had with Paleo. Also, we provide you with some great resources once you are ready for a diet switch, including a Paleo Action Plan, an easy 7-Day Meal Plan with accompanying Shopping List!

On the Exercise page, you will find information on circuit training, interval training, and how to combine them in a safe and effective rotation. My goal here is to help you stay active no matter where you are or how much time you have. You will find instructions on how to execute some Basic Exercise Movements in a safe and effective way, as well as some great cross-training workout on the Equipment Free Work-Out Routines page!

On the Lifestyle page you will find information on sleep, stress, supplements, and other various topics that can greatly affect one’s quality of life, health, and believe it or not, waistline! Here’s the thing about lifestyle choices: two of the most important ones are diet and exercise! So make sure you get those down before getting fancy with supplements or other products that might appear to be “shortcuts” to a healthy life. There are many additional areas that will be explored in the Lifestyle blog category, including reiki (energy movement), prayer healing, spirituality, and music. Constance Kean, Reiki Master, CS practitioner, and piano teacher for over 30 years has done me the great favor or providing her expertise for many areas in this section.

There are numerous products that I have found make life easier. These have been divided into Diet and Lifestyle categories and can be found on the Recommended Diet Products page and the Recommended Lifestyle Products page.

Feel free to look over’s Privacy Policy. Lastly, don’t forget to visit the Blog, which is constantly being populated with new information, and become part of the Primal Healthy Fit community by contributing to the Forum. Feel free to add comments, connect with other members of the Primal Healthy Fit community, and put in your two-cents about the newest posts on the Blog!


We appreciate your visit, confidence, and participation in our goal to help others live a healthy life.

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