What’s the deal with BOOZE?

Technically, alcohol is not Paleo. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors did not have the Devil’s drink in their daily lives.

HA ok I’m just kidding- I drink occasionally (mostly tequila)… but alcohol is something that, Paleo-speaking, should be consumed in moderation and wisely. One of the main reasons for consuming alcohol in moderation if at all is that alcohol puts physical stress on your body. We also recommend you cut down on your alcohol consumption on the Reducing Stress page.

Robb Wolf thinks that if you’re going consume alcohol, you do it earlier rather than later (I’m talking 2pm vs. 8pm… not having a Bloody Mary with your morning eggs), and do it on an empty stomach. He urges against any beer consumption at all, due to it containing gluten and sugar (for reasons why these two things are dangerous, view the Diet main page), and encourages dry varieties of wine. Robb Wolf has a lot of recipes in his book, The Paleo Solution, but my favorite would without a doubt be the simple NorCal Margarita:

It's not quite Paleo, but it's close enough

  • 2 shots of tequila gold
  • the juice of 1 lime
  • soda water
You’ll notice that there is no sugar-filled margarita mix in this recipe… Following this logic, if you’re going to have a mojito, try it without the Simple Syrup or other sugar ingredient. This will keep your hangovers mild and your deviation from Paleo not so grand. 

Loren Cordain, author of The Paleo Diet, discusses the benefits of drinking a glass of wine before or with dinner: it may help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce appetite! Dr. Cordain also points to evidence from multiple studies that claim moderate alcohol consumption can significantly reduce the risk of dying from heart disease among other illnesses.

If you have an autoimmune disease, you should not be consuming alcohol, period.

From a lifestyle perspective, alcohol is a touchy subject. All I will say here is don’t be stupid, dummy.

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