Boy wearing gas mask

Picture by Kriss Szkurlatowski

After I finished the 30-Day Paleo Challenge I decided to take a few days off and eat pretty much whatever I wanted and see how I felt. I noticed a huge difference, and felt like crap, of course. I was tired, moody, bloated, gassy, and hungrier than before. To figure out which foods made me feel which unpleasant feeling, I cut out grains first and left dairy in my diet for a few days. What went away were the middle-of-the-night stomach cramps and bathroom runs, but the immediate stomach pains after eating did NOT go away… and neither did the bloating. After removing dairy as well, all mentioned problems went away. I had a couple bites of ice cream one night and had sharp stomach pains, awful bloating, and gas all night.

So what I can figure is that dairy causes me immediate stomach pains, bloating, and gas, while grains have a similar effect but delayed quite a bit. I apologize for the unpleasant nature of this post, but somebody’s gotta talk about this stuff… The point is: aside from the scientific negative effects grains and dairy have on our bodies and digestive system in particular, they make ME feel pretty awful. I can get by with 10 M&M’s or something like that without having all of those nasty things happen, but after that I’m toast, and you wouldn’t want to be around me unless you were dressed for chemical warfare. If you are not strictly Paleo, take the time to carefully isolate your potential problem foods, and try to figure out what foods cause what results. This type of knowledge is very helpful, and can be a big motivating factor to stay on track. Plus, wouldn’t this information be useful if you had a big event or special day coming up? Nobody wants gas, but having gas as the company Christmas ball is inarguably worse than having gas on your day off watching football.