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Hi there! I graduated from the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business where I studied Marketing as well as Chinese, German, and Arabic. I am an avid believer in the Paleo Diet. I believe that the correct diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices can bring someone out of even the most extreme health perils and into a strong, healthy, and happy human. I’m living proof.

Meet our cooking expert, Chef Carlos Capistran, and our lifestyle and spirituality expert, Connie Kean.

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My story:

I spent the summer after my junior year at SMU studying Chinese Language and Culture at Beijing Normal University in China. A couple months prior, I had gotten very sick one evening. I had intense stomach pain, and after a few hours of not being able to do much more than lay in bed and hold my stomach, I finally threw up. I know this is gross, but it’s important. I threw up what looked like solid bread dough. I had eating a lot of bread products in the previous days, including pasta, pizza, bread sticks, and toast. The combination of that much gluten in my stomach sent me over the edge- I could not digest ANY of it, so it all sat in my stomach until my body ejected it. I had been allergic to bread products and gluten as a child, and this experience was enough to convince me that I was again allergic to those things.

While in China, I stuck to my gluten-free diet, which was tricky. I did not find much that I could eat, as some unexpected, very common things like soy sauce contain gluten. Not eating enough/well plus the intense pollution in the area wore out my immune system, and I got really sick and had to go to an emergency care clinic. The doctor, although impressed with my Chinese, couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, so gave me some traditional Chinese medicine and sent me on my way. I recovered in a few days from that mysterious illness, but by the time I was halfway through the following Fall semester, I got sick and did not recover. My father had been receiving treatment for allergies at the Environmental Health Center-Dallas for a couple of months, and after seeing similar symptoms in me, my mother recommended I do the same. At EHC-D, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Arthralgia, Allergic Rhinosinusitis, Allergic Food Gastroenteritis, Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction, Immune Deregulation, and Vasculitis. In addition, I started doing intradermal allergy testing for foods, metals, inhalants, chemicals, and molds, to name a few categories, and started antigen treatment for everything I reacted to right away. This was all in December of 2010.

Finishing college while being President of the Beta Phi chapter of Delta Sigma Pi (the third largest chapter in the nation at the time), and having 2 internships was very difficult for me. However, I did it, and am extremely happy with my college career at Southern Methodist University. In July of 2011, I moved to Akumal, Mexico, where I spent 6 months. The change in environment from a polluted metropolitan area to a serene beach in the Caribbean had an enormously positive impact on my health. I am now living back in Dallas, and am continuing my treatment at the Environmental Health Center here.

This website is here to provide information, resources, support, and a place for discussion for all who are searching for complete health. Any assistance that you could provide in helping spread this website and getting it to the people who need it is ever-appreciated, and will take us one step closer to returning to the lifestyle that our genetics intended.

Thank you.

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