Connie Kean

Connie Kean

Connie Kean, Lifestyle and Spirituality Expert

Connie Kean is in a way our “spiritual guru.” In essence, she is a pixie, or angel or something, who seems to bring love and happiness to whoever has the pleasure of knowing her. She has traveled around the world and gathered knowledge about spirituality and healing from countless cultures, religions, and existing practices. While living in Jakarta, Indonesia, Connie became a Reiki Master and has been practicing Reiki as a method of healing since. She is a class-taught Christian Science Practitioner, as well as a mother of two and loving wife for nearing 30¬†years.

She gets really happy, really easily :)

Connie is a sponge for knowledge, and reads about practically every Health/Wellness topic there is. Due to her love of learning, she can also be consulted for advice on dietary options, allergies, supplements, sleep, and stress relief.

No matter where her travels took her, she has taught piano, and has now been teaching for over 33 years. Connie currently lives in Dallas, Texas where she runs a full piano studio out of her home in Lakewood.


Feel free to email to email her at with any spirituality or lifestyle questions you have!

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